Coava Coffee Roasters

Really fun kids.  Don't ever pass up an opportunity to attend one of their anniversary parties.  Hands down, sheer mania.  These kids celebrate as hard as they work, traveling the world to bring back really incredible cups, and they have a really sophisticated and delicate old school Northwestern approach to roasting and brewing.  Jon Felix Lund, their head of operations, is an old friend of ours, and missing a chance to work with him would be a real disservice to us.  He has occasionally flown to Austin to hang with the Figure 8 kids, pull guest shifts, and generally just being an all around great guy.


Four Barrel Coffee

Two things initially attracted us to partnering with Four Barrel, obviously, their coffee, and critically, their staff and company's sense of humor.  Getting a phone call from Tayler or Hein is just as entertaining as pulling incredible shots of well sourced single origin coffees such as Hunda Oli, Bonandolak, Biftu Gudina, etc.  A few of us are touring musicians, so it was appealing to see these guys spend months traveling the Americas and Africa pursuing well scoring and delicious coffees, much like we've done night after night in vans or in airplanes, bleary eyed, inevitably searching for the same payload, the same release, the same emotional happiness of doing something we love.  Ultimately, they're good friends of ours, doing good things, and we have a mutual respect for each other that goes beyond the simplicity of an exchange of roasted coffee.


Kuma Coffee

With Ryan having dual citizenship with both Seattle and Austin, he thought it would be really important that Austin get quality representation from a great Seattle based roaster.  Mark sources incredibly clean and vibrant coffees that brew flexibly, and we often get incredibly silky, gorgeous espresso shots out of whatever happens to be the Kuma du jour at the moment.


Tweed Coffee Roasters

Jon Aldrich and Sean Henry have been instrumental in the success of Figure 8, and their continued help and wisdom is invaluable.  Sean's coffee shops, Houndstooth, set the bar for quality in Austin and they continue to do so.  They are close friends, and arguably one of our strongest allies in the Texas coffee scene.  Whether sourcing terrific coffees, aiding in technical machine support, pulling guest shifts, or just being a friendly ear to bend, they have always been avid supporters of our well being. Tweed covers the bases of brewing, offering colorful single origin coffees roasted flexibly to be brewed in nearly any method, as well as a nice traditional old world style espresso blend, Timepiece.